Are you the owner of a property or apartment in Amsterdam?

We are always looking for interesting properties in various parts of Amsterdam.

Being a real estate owner in Amsterdam, thinking about the financial benefits of selling your property must cross your mind from time to time. If you are thinking about selling, contacting Oud Amsterdam could be an interesting option for you. We are always looking for interesting properties in various parts of Amsterdam.

Fast and easy sales of your property

Right now, the market for buyers is huge and it can take a long time to sell a property. Not with Oud Amsterdam. If a real estate object fits our vision, we will gladly purchase it from you without reservations.

Is your property a suitable match for Oud Amsterdam?

We are interested in almost every property in Amsterdam. This could be an entire house or building, but also a (rental) apartment, a shop, an office building or any other real estate object. As long as it lies within the A10 ring, that surrounds Amsterdam. Serious maintenance issues or even prolapsed foundations are no problem for us. We also buy properties that are (party) rented out.

Market based prizes

We always offer market based prizes and sometimes our prizes for transactions even slightly exceed the current market value. Another plus for you as a seller, is that you can avoid additional expenses for ‘sales-styling’ or renovations of your property. The structural condition and overdue maintenance are not an issue for us.

No broker expenses

When selling your property via a real estate broker, you will have to pay him or her a percentage of your total sales amount. If you sell your property to Oud Amsterdam, you save on these expenses.

Financing security and no reservations

Oud Amsterdam has a solid financial basis and therefore, we can always organize short term financing for the purchase of your property. We always buy without any tedious reservation clauses. At Oud Amsterdam, a sale is a sale.

Appointment without any commitments

Would you like to know if your real estate property fits our vision? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly make an appointment with you. No commitments whatsoever.