Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 69 – III
14 August 2015
Van Oldenbarneveldtplein 13 – double lower level house
20 August 2015

Prinsengracht 112 – retail space for rent

Prinsengracht verhuurd

Prinsengracht verhuurd

  • Type: shop
  • Living space: 96 m2
  • Rental price: € 36.000
  • Status: rented out


In the center of Amsterdam, right across from the Anne Frank Museum, lies this eye-catching retail property of 96 m2 divided over 2 floors. The shop is very light, and due to its corner location, the space extends towards the Egelantiers gracht and has two facades with windows. The shop lies close to a number of well-known hospitality venues and this part of the Prinsengracht is also the ‘pass-through route’’ for locals and tourists alike, heading for the Jordaan, Noordermarkt, Westerstraat and vice versa in the direction of the Westerstraat, Leidsestraat and the 9 small alleys area.

The shop is located inside an attractive property, which was split-up into several sections in 2004 and provided with a brand new fundament. The property is in perfect structural condition. On the inside, the shop has top-notch finishing and includes amenities like a pantry, a separate toilet, an in-house storage space, wooden upstairs floors and tile floors on the lower level. Eye-catching details are the lovely monumental beamed ceilings and the abundance of light (thanks to huge windows on both sides).

Due to a business-boom, the current operator (the Amsterdam Tulip Museum) will move two properties to the left towards a larger space. On average, this venue has attracted up to approx. 80.000 visitors/tourists per year.
Rental agreement: ROZ (Council for Real Estate) retail space
Rental period: 5 + 5 years
Rental payment: monthly
Deposit: equivalent of 2 months’ rent

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