A clear vision

Quality, sustainability and service

At Oud Amsterdam, we have a clear vision: we believe in quality, sustainability and an excellent level of service.

Amsterdam Heritage

Our development projects lie on various prime locations within the ring highway of Amsterdam. We feel very connected to the city of Amsterdam and we aim to add to the preservation of the Heritage of Amsterdam by using qualitative and sustainable construction methods.


During renovations, we thrive to preserve the original character of our properties. This results in comfortable apartments with a unique identity and very high quality standards.


Oud Amsterdam stand for an exceptionally high level of service. Nothings beats being actively involved in the construction of your own apartment. Oud Amsterdam is open to any suggestions and helps you to realize your ideas. Without any hassle related to construction, planning or financial issues. But with the joy of having a say in the realization and the option to adding your own personal touch to your new dream home in Amsterdam.